0.12.0 is a little late but worth the wait

I am pleased to announce the release of Salt 0.12.0! This release comes with some fantastic features, from the new modular file server (You can use a git repo directly instead of file_roots!), the scheduler which allows for executions to be executed on a schedule on minions or the master. We also have the addition of an optional python DSL, which proves the flexibility of the Salt model, as simple to get the job done as possible, yet powerful enough to solve very difficult problems.

The Salt tarball can be downloaded from Pypi as usual:
Release notes are also available in the usual place and outline the new major features:
Thomas S Hatch

Salt Just Installed Firefox on Windows

Our Windows support has been moving forward fast, we just got the salt software management system up to the point where it is installing software! Here is a screenshot of the first salted firefox on Windows7IMG_20121220_174914!

This is a screenshot of the first salted Windows Firefox!!


Here is the commit that does it:



Git Hub Top Ten for Salt!

We were just named as the open source project with the 8th most unique contributors for 2012! This is huge news and makes us one of the most active open source communities in the world!




Big thanks to everyone who keeps contributing to Salt, it has been an amazing year!


– Thomas S Hatch

Dude, I was using those! @github

So recently GitHub has removed some features:



While I want to make sure everyone knows that I still love Github, since they host all Salt development very well and we don’t need to pay them money, I would like to just say…


Github has been one of the main places to download Salt code and packages for Salt for a long time, and the impact graph, I LOVED that thing! I used it on a regular basis to showcase how exciting Salt is and how many people are actively contributing, I really miss it!

In the end, I just want to say, I deeply appreciate github, and all I want are some of my features back, that’s all…


Thomas S Hatch

Salt 0.11.0 and new version system

I am excited to announce the release of Salt 0.11.0, this release comes with many advanced features, such as the new reactor system, the overstate system and major additions to package management.

This release also opens up a change in how we will be versioning and releasing Salt. For the life of the project we have been rapidly releasing feature + bugfix releases, but starting with the 0.11.0 series we will be introducing incremental bugfix updates for minor releases, so you can expect a 0.11.1 release soon with fixes for issues and bugs found in 0.11.0. This also means that the next feature release will be named 0.12.0 and is still scheduled for a quick turnaround. Once 0.12.0 is released we will discontinue sending patches back to the 0.11.0 series.
I am hoping that this new release method will make Salt more stable while not slowing down exciting new feature development!
As usual the release notes are available on our documentation site:
Salt can be downloaded from pypi (Github has discontinued downloads?!?!?):
Thomas S Hatch

Salt API 0.7.0 Arrives!

salt-api 0.7.0 has been released. tarballs have been pushed to PyPI and GitHub.
This release adds the what will be the REST API going forward. (Of course (in classic Salt fashion) netapi modules are crazy simple to write so feel free to add your own or modify this one!) The basic functionality for executing commands is in place and encryption and authentication are also in place. What is left is to implement a more friendly URL structure (in the vein of the now-defunct Flask netapi module), add HTML to the output types, and to solidify the hypermedia output so output from the API is self-documenting as it is accessed.
Development on salt-api will slow a bit over the next few weeks as development on salt-ui (the web interface) picks up, though it is safe to expect a steady trickle of tweaks and minor enhancements since both projects will utilize each other so heavily.
The release notes are here:


The documentation on the REST netapi module is here:
Please hit me up here on the list or on IRC (I go by whiteinge) if you have any questions or feedback or if I missed anything. Please also feel free to file issues on GitHub.

Salt 0.10.5 is comes with fixes and features!

The time has come for Salt 0.10.5! This release comes with a great deal of backend work to enable the features needed by the next release of Salt API.

The features and additions can be found, as usual, in the release notes on docs.saltstack.org:
Salt sources can be downloaded from pypi and from github as usual:
Packages will be available soon!
This release sees more contributions and contributors than ever and has been the most active time ever in Salt development.
I am also planning on talking about the new features in the Salt Air broadcast tomorrow at 11 AM MST:

Thomas S Hatch