No Salt Release Today

Since the initial release of Salt I have had a release on Saturuday every two weeks, this was not intentional. It just turned out that I had enough time to release on Saturday and it was taking about 2 weeks to get through a feature cycle.

This last Monday I had surgery on my voice box – for those of you who don’t know, I have a paralyzed vocal chord as a result of a surgery in 2010. This surgery last Monday was a nerve graft and a modification to my voice box, so I can speak much better now, but I took the week off to heal up. Fortunately I can speak much better now!

As for Salt, a lot of exciting developments are in git and in the wings. I am introducing a system that will allow for remote state enforcement, this is similar to puppet but coming from a different perspective. I have also taken out the dependence on facter, since I thought that having Salt, a python application, rely on facter, a ruby application, was not the wisest long term solution, so I got facter out before it became too entangled.

More news on salt to come!


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