State Enforcement Update in Salt

The primary state enforcement system for Salt is now in place in git. Salt can enforce packages, services and files. This required a lightweight zeromq file server to be built for Salt, it is not unlike the simple one described in the previous post, but it is encrypted using the same AES encryption and pubkey authentication that is used in the rest of Salt.

These changes can be found in a few places, the file server component is in the file, at the _file_serve method:

Yes, it still needs some work!

And the new file state can be found at:

And the Salt file server client code is inside the cp execution module:

State enforment in Salt is the big feature for 0.9.0, and the goal is to have it fleshed out and fully armed and operational for 1.0.0. This feature will set Salt on the track to manage servers via sets of state files, we are getting closer to the 1.0.0 goal!

-Thomas S Hatch


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