Salt for Fedora and RHEL 6

I have produced rpms for Fedora 15 and RHEL 6. These RPMS can be found in the download section of the github page:


The Fedora RPMS can be installed with yum and all of the deps will be pulled in from the Fedora repos, but on RHEL 6 the EPEL repo needs to be added, and the zeromq and python-zmq packages from the Salt github download page need to be installed because the zeromq packages in EPEL are just too old.

I have also gotten Salt to run on RHEL 5! I am currently building those packages in chroots and testing them, but the release of RHEL 5 rpms for Salt is very near!

Finally, I have Ubuntu deb packages I am verifying as well, in the end, Salt will have packages for RHEL5 and 6, Fedora and Ubuntu ready rot the release of 0.9.0!


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