Salt 0.9.2 – Fedora Support and Better States

I am pleased to announce the availability of Salt 0.9.2.

0.9.2 is primarily a bugfix release, but a few very major additions have been made. This release has been prepared in response to active rpm development which is bringing Salt into Fedora and EPEL, the most recent koji builds can be found here:
Fedora 14:

Fedora 15:



But the feature that I think a lot of people are excited about is Salt States being declared Alpha in quality. There is still a lot of work left here, but so far it is working very well. To better understand how salt states work see the salt-states git repository at github:

More refinements and states are being developed. I am also working on better state documentation. But right now the state system needs extensive testing, help filling in the holes, and writing more states. In particular Salt needs states for cron and ssh keys.

Salt 0.9.2 sources can be downloaded here:

The Salt download page can be, as always, found here:

The 0.9.2 release notes can be found here:

Salt continues to press forward! If you are interested in contributing to Salt fork it on github:


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