Salt 0.9.3 is out!

This is big release, many bugs have been fixed and many features have been greatly improved. Salt States have also moved from experimental to viable in this release thanks to a lot of testing!

More documentation to help people get Salt States going has been posted:

And the state system reference (the state system “api” page):

The big highlights for 0.9.3 are:

States are ready for prime time – Salt is now a fully armed and operational central configuration management system

WAN support added

FreeBSD support

To read about all of the changes in 0.9.3 the release notes can be found here:

Some other big changes have also been put into place, check out the new homepage:

And the documentation has been compiled into a single pdf for easy access:

The new salt source can be downloaded from github as usual:


-Thomas S Hatch


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