Salt 0.9.5 is Here!

Salt 0.9.5 is one of the largest steps forward in the development of Salt.

0.9.5 comes with many milestones, this release has seen the community of developers grow out to an international team of 46 code contributors and has many feature additions, feature enhancements, bug fixes and speed improvements.

There is a backwards incompatibility in 0.9.5, Salt moved from using python pickles for network serialization to using Message Pack (, which is much faster than pickles, much more compact, more secure and more portable.

Please see the release notes for details on the backwards incompatibility issue, but the safest thing to do is to upgrade the master, add the configuration “serial: pickle”, which will allow old minions and new minions to communicate with the new master, then upgrade the minions to 0.9.5. Once all minions are upgraded turn off pickles entirely by removing the serial configuration line.

The release which details the new features in Salt announcement can be found here:

The source can be found here:

The website has been updated to include the new documentation, but a pdf of the docs can be found here:

Packages for 0.9.5 should be hitting Fedora soon, and other distribution packages should be updated shortly!

Enjoy the Salt!

– Thomas S Hatch


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