Salt 0.9.7 is here!

Salt 0.9.7 is here! The latest iteration of Salt brings more features and many fixes. This release is a great refinement over 0.9.6, adding many conveniences under the hood, as well as some features that make working with Salt much better.

A few highlights include the new Job system, refinements to the requisite system in states, the mod_init interface for states, external node classification, search path to managed files in the file state, and refinements and additions to dynamic module loading.

0.9.7 also introduces the long developed (and oft changed) unit test framework and the initial unit tests.

The release announcement can be found with the documentation:

Salt can be downloaded from the usual places, github and pypi:

– Thomas S Hatch


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  1. Posted by Matt on March 1, 2012 at 12:04 pm


    A minor question – with so many dependencies (which do make it easier to develop), how would one upgrade their Salt stack on a 1000 nodes in a data-center? is that part of Salt’s objectives, to be scalably upgradeable in its own? Imagine you’ve installed on 1000 nodes. Now you need to upgrade, patch or add a plug-in. Will Salt be able to upgrade itself? how shall the process be controlled (network management, retries, reporting the status of each node (upgraded/not), etc…


    • Hi Matt,
      Salt can upgrade itself, but there is not a universal way because it depends on how it was installed, if you installed salt via a distribution package you can run:
      salt ‘*’ pkg.install salt
      salt ‘*’ service.restart salt

      Basically do these 2 step in the best way that reflects how you deployed your minions


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