Salt’s new Event System

I have been looking at this for a while. One of the major problems faced with Salt was how return data from minions was being handled. The data was returned via a zeromq rep socket and then written to disk, and the command line client was watching the disk for updates. I was never very happy with this solution, primarily because it meant (and had become very apparent) that Salt scalability was directly connected to disk performance.

So over the past few weeks I have been brainstorming how to best get around this problem, and last night I got it into the codebase. Now the Salt Master has a new event management interface, this means that when data is returned to the master an event is fired off with that data and it is directly sent to the command line client. While some of the testing is not all finished yet, this should greatly improve the performance of the Salt execution system, and opens the door for more event based capabilities in the near future.

– Thomas S Hatch


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