Minion Swarm up to 10,000

I recently got some new hardware in to test Salt with and I have been able to reach my goal of testing the salt master against 10,000 minions. Over 3 servers and using the minionswarm script in the salt tests directory I was able to build the swarm. At the best a to all minions returned in just less than 7 seconds. I also discovered a bug in zeromq that was causing minions to crash, so make sure your minions are running 2.1.11 or higher.

I was also able to test compiling states on 5,000 minions, for the 5,000 minions on 3 servers to compile a state run it took on average 35 seconds. 35 seconds to compile states for 5,000 minions! The master server did not even flinch!


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