The Great Salt Sprint Success!

I am going to give a more in depth report when I have time to crank the numbers out of git, but the great Salt Sprint was a great success. We saw 4 cities attend, with Seattle joining right next to the end of the wire. We saw commits from about 20 individuals that day, and I am confident that we are going to see commits from a few more who did not finish their contributions on Saturday. The sprint has made last week the most active community development week in the history of the Salt project with 23 total code contributors and 11 new contributors.

A big thanks also to our sponsors, Linux Fund for the money needed to put on the sprint, C7 Datacenters for the Salt Lake location, in Santa Monica, Idealist in Portland, and the Django Seattle User’s Group for the Seattle location.

Salt made great strides forward yesterday, the tests have much better coverage, a number of bugs were fixed, and our fantastic community got a great boost! Thanks again to all those involved!

– Thomas S Hatch


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