Salt API 0.7.0 Arrives!

salt-api 0.7.0 has been released. tarballs have been pushed to PyPI and GitHub.
This release adds the what will be the REST API going forward. (Of course (in classic Salt fashion) netapi modules are crazy simple to write so feel free to add your own or modify this one!) The basic functionality for executing commands is in place and encryption and authentication are also in place. What is left is to implement a more friendly URL structure (in the vein of the now-defunct Flask netapi module), add HTML to the output types, and to solidify the hypermedia output so output from the API is self-documenting as it is accessed.
Development on salt-api will slow a bit over the next few weeks as development on salt-ui (the web interface) picks up, though it is safe to expect a steady trickle of tweaks and minor enhancements since both projects will utilize each other so heavily.
The release notes are here:

The documentation on the REST netapi module is here:
Please hit me up here on the list or on IRC (I go by whiteinge) if you have any questions or feedback or if I missed anything. Please also feel free to file issues on GitHub.

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