Salt 0.11.0 and new version system

I am excited to announce the release of Salt 0.11.0, this release comes with many advanced features, such as the new reactor system, the overstate system and major additions to package management.

This release also opens up a change in how we will be versioning and releasing Salt. For the life of the project we have been rapidly releasing feature + bugfix releases, but starting with the 0.11.0 series we will be introducing incremental bugfix updates for minor releases, so you can expect a 0.11.1 release soon with fixes for issues and bugs found in 0.11.0. This also means that the next feature release will be named 0.12.0 and is still scheduled for a quick turnaround. Once 0.12.0 is released we will discontinue sending patches back to the 0.11.0 series.
I am hoping that this new release method will make Salt more stable while not slowing down exciting new feature development!
As usual the release notes are available on our documentation site:
Salt can be downloaded from pypi (Github has discontinued downloads?!?!?):
Thomas S Hatch

2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Thomas,

    GitHub discontinued binary downloads but tags can still be downloaded as tgz/zip.


    • Right, all of our releases were prepared as tarballs, and I would often upload package backports for dependencies.
      Admittedly, what I really miss is the impact graph, that things was gold


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