Salt Just Installed Firefox on Windows

Our Windows support has been moving forward fast, we just got the salt software management system up to the point where it is installing software! Here is a screenshot of the first salted firefox on Windows7IMG_20121220_174914!

This is a screenshot of the first salted Windows Firefox!!


Here is the commit that does it:


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  1. Posted by Tony on January 6, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    I’m starting to use your saltstack software personally to remember my dot-configs and autoinstall / maintain their integrity for me across computers.

    Then of course, manage my web servers, software projects using php-fpm and python / supervisor. It’s a headache setting this up. Now I can extract all my projects easy, and while I haven’t read into it, be able to target them to a local dev environment, a server environment.

    I like how I can write my config, have it bullet-proofed, and know I consolidated my gains for good. Having installed linux maybe over 150 times over the past 10 years, I look forward to scaling and furthering.

    2013 is my year of devops. I look forward to it be very salty indeed.

    Thanks for the software



    • Thanks Tony! I am always excited to see that we are helping people move forward. This is a big year for devops, the industry is recognizing the shift in IT management much more right now than in the past years!


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