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  1. Posted by marko on September 29, 2011 at 4:43 pm

    Cool about salt. curious about how it will surpass puppet (and chef).. those have been around the block. thanks for enlightenment..


    • I anticipate that Salt will be able to compete because of the architecture. And because Salt is not just a configuration management system. The clean front end to configuration management via data structures will allow for more granular and powerful tools to be created on top of Salt states than can be created on top of tools like Puppet and Chef. Salt also offers an easier to use method for creating the configuration information, and since it is founded on remote execution it will be much more easily managed from a single source. Competing with Puppet and Chef will be no easy task, but Salt also already competes well with tools like MCollective and Func, I am confident that the simplistic design and straightforward approach, coupled with extremely powerful extensibility and ease of use will take Salt into the spotlight for configuration management.


  2. We are currently using Opscode CHEF, but keeping an eye on Salt.

    With a web interface we will love to switch from Ruby to Python (I wish!).



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