Salt 0.10.4 arrives at record speed

On behalf of the Salt Stack team, I am pleased to announce the release of Salt 0.10.4. The goal moving forward is to continue releasing Salt projects within a month of each other to keep delivering the latest features and fixes quickly.

This release comes with some great additions and a few long anticipated features. The release notes are in the usual place:
Make sure to read them, some fantastic new features are available!
The source can also be downloaded from the usual places on pypi and github:
This release contains an important security fix which prevents man in the middle attacks and it is very strongly recommended to upgrade as quickly as possible.
When upgrading, as always, upgrade the master first and then the minions!
Thomas S Hatch

Long Awaited Salt 0.10.3

It has taken a while, but 0.10.3 has finally been released! This release includes a number of fixes, including a security fix which resolves a timing vulnerability. Also, as usual a number of additional features are available as well.

The new client ACL system makes it easy for non-root users to execute salt commands out to minions and is the logical precursor to allowing more granular access to Salt via external authentication mediums.
The additional features are also worth a look, like the new pub_refresh feature to help alleviate dropping minions. As usual the release notes cover the major updates:
Salt can be downloaded via the normal locations as well, Pypi and GitHub:
Enjoy the latest the Salt Team has to offer!
Thomas S Hatch

The Salt Stack team is pleased to announce the release of Salt Cloud 0.8.0! This release sees dramatic improvements in the reliability of deployments and communication with cloud providers. The release notes can be found here:

The sources are available on pypi and github:
This release of Salt Cloud is primarily credited to Joseph Hall.
I am excited to announce that Joseph will be taking over primary development of Salt Cloud. We have many plans for the future of Salt’s cloud integration and management capabilities and now we have the bandwidth to push forward.
Thomas S Hatch

Salt Cloud 0.7.0 is Here!

I am pleased to announce that Salt Cloud 0.7.0 has been released. This release comes with a great many stability additions, more public cloud support, and more functions for maintaining cloud vms.

Check out the release announcement here:
Salt Cloud can be downloaded from pypi and github:
– Thomas S Hatch

Salt 0.10.2 has Arrived!

A little over five weeks has passed and the time has once again come for another Salt release! This release has seen the effort of a fantastic code sprint and even more contributors than ever.

This release comes with a number of fixes and additions, as well as many more tests.

As usual the release notes can be found on the docs site:

The source can be downloaded via pypi or github:

More keeps coming, we are planning another sprint in the next few months, another release of Salt Cloud is in the works and should be ready in the next few weeks as well!

– Thomas S Hatch

Introducing Salt Cloud

The initial public release of Salt Cloud is finally here! 0.6.0 was posted to pypi and github just moments ago.

Salt Cloud is a generic cloud provisioning tool which can hook into existing cloud management systems. Salt Cloud also automates setting up the Salt Minion on the provisioned cloud VMs and connecting them back to the Salt Master.  Individual VMs can be easily and quickly provisioned or a mapping of what vms need to exist can be defined and then enforced.

The same module loading system used in Salt is used to make adding support for more cloud providers is amazingly easy. This release comes with support for three cloud providers, Amazon EC2, Rackspace Cloud, and Linode.

The documentation for Salt Cloud is up on Read the Docs and can be found here:

The source can be downloaded from pypi or github as usual for Salt projects:

The release notes can be found here:


Follow and fork Salt Cloud on github, like Salt itself Salt Cloud has a ton of room to grow and contributions are very welcome!

– Thomas S Hatch

The Great Salt Sprint Success!

I am going to give a more in depth report when I have time to crank the numbers out of git, but the great Salt Sprint was a great success. We saw 4 cities attend, with Seattle joining right next to the end of the wire. We saw commits from about 20 individuals that day, and I am confident that we are going to see commits from a few more who did not finish their contributions on Saturday. The sprint has made last week the most active community development week in the history of the Salt project with 23 total code contributors and 11 new contributors.

A big thanks also to our sponsors, Linux Fund for the money needed to put on the sprint, C7 Datacenters for the Salt Lake location, in Santa Monica, Idealist in Portland, and the Django Seattle User’s Group for the Seattle location.

Salt made great strides forward yesterday, the tests have much better coverage, a number of bugs were fixed, and our fantastic community got a great boost! Thanks again to all those involved!

– Thomas S Hatch